Friday, May 20, 2011

Flowers for Women

Flowers can be used as gift in many occasions, such as during valentine days, anniversary, and even mother's day. Flowers' recipient is usually aimed for women as all women loves flowers.

Fresh flowers are more preferred in comparison to artificial ones, however, fresh ones can not be kept as it will wither through time but artificial ones can be kept and memorized all the time. It can be used as decoration on living room, office desks or other places that will be reminded of you every time it is seen.

Fresh bouquet of red roses delivered to women during valentine days reflects romans and show how you love and care about her. In fact, it does not have to be roses all the time. If you can find out what flowers that she loves most, you can pick the types of flowers according to her favorite. If you can not find out what her favorite flower is, then may be it is wise to pick the types of flowers that reflect her favorite colors. Sending favorite flowers and/or flowers that reflect favorite colors of your loved ones, during any occasions, will send a message that you understand and care about her.

Women can also give flowers to men, however, the method may not be the same. When flowers are given to women, it can be delivered directly to recipients' home or are given directly in person. As when women decide to give flowers to men, I think that it is a good idea to bring the flowers themselves and placed it in men's desk offices or other rooms in order to make the environment colorful and more comfortable. This way can help a woman send message that she cares about you and want you to be comfortable in any situation that you may encounter, and if you wish anything to discuss or talk (when you have any problems or stress), always remember me and you can find me as "I will always be there to listen to you".

Flowers are not bound to be given only between persons who are in relationship. They can be sent to your friends and best friends during birthday or when asking for an apology. Flowers can also be given to our mothers during mother's day to show that we always love her and we thank her for every love that she has given us, everything that she has done and sacrificed for us.